The Hunt


Our deer hunts start early in the morning after coffee and breakfast(doughnuts, bagel, cereal, microwave biscuits), about one hour before sunrise. Our guest will be dropped off close to the stand and will walk to ensure not to disturb any trophy deer nearby.  As a part of our commitment to giving each hunter a personalized hunting experience, we can walk or drive hunters directly to their stand and assist them in and out quietly and safely if they choose us too. We provide the ride on UTV’s due to most of our stands locations are in extremely remote areas. We use Cell phones to communicate with our hunters this day and age!!! AT&T, Sprint, and a few others DO NOT work here!!! Verizon OR US Cellular your Ok….A lot of guys get a cheapo from walmart for 25 bucks when they get here!! Gives you a lot of comfort sitting in the woods!!! Most guys hunt till 11-12 and come in for lunch(soup,sandwiches,hot dogs, burgers,BBQ, leftovers from dinner, etc…) Then head straight back out about 3-4 hrs before dusk for your evening hunt. Smart hunters tend to stay in their stand from dust till dawn.  A lot of hunters do, and they tend to be  successful!!!! We also drive SUV’s to other property’s within 25 minutes!!! Trust me, these properties are well worth the drive… A lot of repeat hunters choose to drive themselves!!! We only allow this option to repeat hunters that we trust and have the knowledge of tracking and recovering there own game!!!! Return back to lodge after evening hunt to a hot 4 course meal prepared by CHEF Steve!!!!!

Main Lodge Bear Combo

While you are at our main lodge during your Deer hunt and the Bear season is in,  we allow a bear to be taken FREE….. Free meaning you probobly WiLL NOT see one and if you really want a bear, book at Dismal Swamp Bear Lodge!

People across North America thrive on going Bear hunting and want to kill a BIG BEAR. NC is home to the largest wild Black Bears in the world. I’ve been turning down bear hunters for too long now!! We just don’t have the numbers of bear here in Hertford county like they do on the coast . So, being that said, I’ve partnered up with a farmer in Dare County, and another in Gates/Pasquotank Co. on DISMAL SWAMP REFUGE….BOTH are in the top 3 counties for Bear hunting!!! The reason for the large number of bears in these areas is because of the hundreds of thousands of acres of National Wildlife Refuges in the area!! This also allows bear to reach weights of over 800 lbs. Bear are so thick in numbers and are so massive, it draws professional hunters like Jim Shockey and Jim Zumbo to these areas yr after yr!!! We are excited about this new opportunity for our clients and believe that it is just going to keep growing!!!

Call for Pricing


Semi-Guided hunters will be dropped off fairly close to where he or she should here plenty of gobblers on the roost… Then its up to the hunter to make it happen!!! We also can set you up in a groundblind with a few decoys…Fully-guided hunters will be with a guide during the entire morning hunt runnin and gunnin or in a stationary spot!!! Afternoon hunts are out of groundblinds or spot and stalk!!! Bird dies early, were going ROCK FISHING on the river!!!!!


Our duck hunts typically start several hours before sunrise.. We meet or follow each other to gas station for coffee and biscuits then off to the boat ramp… From there its normally a 5-20 minute boat ride to the hunt spot location… Then the prep work begins for me!!!! We mainly hunt open water marsh from box blinds or boat blinds!!! We also from time to time set up on marsh points and hide the boat… This works really well late season!!! Anywhere from 60 – 200 decoys will be put out each hunt!!! More decoys ensure that high flyers have more to look at!!! It definitely makes a difference!!!

Wild Boar

Wild hogs may be taken FREE of charge during the deer season!!! There is no limit in the state of NC now, so if you see one, shoot em!!!! 

2023 Deer Hunting Season

Bow & Arrow – Sept 9 – Sept 29
Muzzle loading Firearm – Sept 30 – Oct 13
Gun Season – October 14 – January 1

**1-Day hunt – 1 Trophy, 1 Doe or 2 Doe

**2 1/2-Day Hunt – 1 Trophy & 2 Doe
**3-Day hunt – 1 Trophy & 3 Doe

**5-Day hunt – 2 Trophy & 3 Doe

(Trophy=4 points on 1 side)

                                             (No antler restrictions for kids 13)

2023 Black Bear Season

November 11 – 19
December 9 – 24

2024 Spring Turkey Hunting Season

April 9 – May 6

Youth Day: April 1 – 7

**1-Day hunt – 1 Gobbler

**3 or 5 Day Hunt – 2 Gobblers

2023/24 Waterfowl Hunting Season

Oct 19 – 21

Nov 4 – 25

Dec 19 – Jan 31, 2024

Tundra Swan

Nov 4 – Jan 31, 2024

Youth Waterfowl

Feb 3 and Feb 10

(limit 6 Ducks per hunt, 1 Swan per yr w/ PERMIT)

All Predators are free for everyone!!!!!!!!!

(Wild Boar, bobcat, fox, coyote)


Clay McPherson, Owner of Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters is the President of the Roanoke-Chowan QDMA Branch and proud member of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), and has practiced Trophy Deer Management Strategies on the property for several years. These same strategies apply to all hunters that hunt on our land… No DOE harvest is allowed during the month of November unless authorized… Hunters during this time will be able to harvest 2 trophy bucks that have at least 4 points on one side. Hunters can also harvest any buck that is 18 inches wide or better..We have several Trophy Zones that are “DOE FREE” after Nov. 1st.. By doing this each year,  we have been seeing an increased number Mature bucks.  This is all part of Trophy Deer Management Strategies.

Whitetail bucks typically obtain maximum antler size between 5.5 and 8.5 years of age. These older mature bucks are our primary focus. This often involves aggressive doe harvest (higher than QDM) and intensive habitat management. This also requires passing on numerous quality younger bucks with nice racks. We maintain accurate harvest records to assess management progress and to fine tune management strategies.


During our hunts, fines will be collected for taking a button buck, a buck that doesn’t have at least 4 points on a side, and the illegal taking of any game under NC Wildlife Laws. The fine for taking a button buck is $250, the fine for taking a buck without 4 points on at least one side is $1000,  and the fine for taking any game illegally that is not in season (Bear/Turkey) is $1500 and will be reported!!!  Our fines are imposed on our hunters, not as a means of income for our profit, but are set to help aid our Quality Deer Management Program.  And to get people to follow the rules!!!!!!!!!! This way each hunter will have an equal opportunity to harvest a “Trophy” on their hunt, either this season or next.


All hunters must have a valid North Carolina Hunting License, and abide by all NC Hunting Regulations. Out-of-state hunters are able to purchase a license by clicking the above link or at a local business upon arrival. Click the link to see application for Tundra Swan Permit Swan permit apps start July 1st – Oct 1st.. Call and order your licenses people. Don’t try to do it online…You know they will get it right!!! This is by far the easiest method… Always remember the one year license is only $20 more than the 6 day!!! So, if you plan to turkey hunt or  duck hunt with us, its much cheaper to purchase the full year hunting license!!!  Cost depends on the state you live in!!!!!


Tipping is not required, but it is well appreciated. Our guides go out of their way to ensure your going to be successful and do everything in their power to recover and retrieve game that was harvested….

Especially for the Chef!! Awesome food!!! Works off tips…


Our guests can choose from a wide variety of stands located over various types of woods and food plots. We have tower stands, ladder stands, ground blinds, tripods, and others. Please feel free to bring your own climber. Be sure to bring a climber if your bow hunting!!!Some of our stands can comfortably and safely accommodate two hunters (father and son, husband & wife) at one time. Shooting distances can range from 10 yards up to 500 yards depending on which stand the hunter selects. Average shot range is about 125 yrds to most feeders.. Every stand location has at least 2 feeder sites and 2 mineral sites(Lucky Buck).

Personal items recommended to bring:

•  Flashlight with batteries(green or red)
•  2 pairs of boots (1 rubber knee boot and 1 standard)
•  Rain gear
•  Camera with batteries
•  Large portable coolers for meat
•  Binoculars
•  Light clothes (September-October) 65-105 degrees
•  Heavier clothes (November-December) 35-75 degrees
•  Orange hat or vest (as required by NC laws)(We Sell)
•  Vhf radio
•  Calls and scents
•  Insect repellant
•  Skinning Knife

We have numerous Logo items for Sale in our gift shop:

•  T-Shirts (L/S and S/S)
•  Sweatshirts
•  Pocket Knives
•  Blaze Orange Hats
•  Numerous Camo Hats
•  Head Gear Flashlights
•  Polo Shirts
•  Denim Shirts

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