First 2 weeks of rifle season….

First 2 weeks of rifle season have been unbelievable to some ears!!! We have had bucks grunting and fighting and chasing of feeders going crazy and just plain going nuts the first week of rifle season!!! It was almost like pre-rut!!! Big Bucks seen daily…Wish i could show you the 2 we lost!!!! It seems crazy to most, but what is happing here is proper deer management and good Big Buck to Doe ratio… 2nd week boils down to getting our hunters on proper travel routes from food to bedding!!! And for most, making sure the wind is in thier favor!!!! Deer are still feeding hard on our bumper crop acorn year:(  Lots of small bucks and doe seen… Huge 11 , giant 9, small 7 for this particular week is awesome in my book!!!!

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